Customer Service Representatives

Gene, Anna, Payden, Ella Barrett
Grantville, KS  |  785-224-8509

Gene and Anna have worked with us in some shape or fashion since 1992. The last several years Anna has created our advertising and sale catalogs. Gene helps with the customer marketing, customer visits, and phone calls, etc. They run over 175 registered Angus cows of their own, and market their bulls through our bull sale. Gene also artificially inseminates over 5,000 females each year through his AI service company. Payden and Ella are very active in raising and showing both Angus and Charolais cattle. Gene and Anna know the cattle business backwards and forward.

Barrett, Lori, Raegan, Colt an Austin Broadie
Burns, KS  |  620-635-6128

Barrett started helping us in 2004. He is also a representative for Superior Livestock Auction. In 2011 and 2012, he was named the "Top Rep" for numbers of cattle marketed out of approximately 350 representatives! Barrett is on the road a lot and does a top job of representing both sellers and buyers. He knows the cattle business from all angles.

Barrett's father, Bill Broadie, is founder of the "All American Beef Battalion" a non- profit organization that has fed steaks to over 170,000 troops so far. He was "Beef" magazines "Man of the Year" in 2012. [ Click here for story on the organization and their website ]