The Balanced Program

1 cow—1977… 700 bulls—2013

Welcome to Fink Beef Genetics. We appreciate the time you are taking to review our cattle program involving two breeds, Angus and Charolais. One cow, $4,000, no owned land, and two jobs was the start of Fink Beef Genetics in 1977. Innovation, nontraditional, unique, and outside-the-box thinking has forged us on for over 40 years. In 2016, we marketed approximately 700 bulls. A 99.9% artificially inseminated herd for over 40 years, one of the largest embryo transplant programs in the United States, and a networking of all segments of the cattle industry, plus old-fashioned cow sense has driven this family-owned operation since 1977. We have never waited for things to happen. If we see a need, we do it only if we feel it is in the best interest of our customers. Fads are not part of our program… long-term results are. When you call Fink Beef Genetics, you will talk to one of us.

Fink 4/11/20 Bull and Female Sale Updates:  Issued 3/31/20

  1. Sale will be held as scheduled.
  2. We will be taking extra precautions
  3. No pre-sale social gathering on Friday, April 10 PM
  4. Auction will be broadcast on DV Auction, as always.
  5. If, for any particular reason, the internet would fail, we will hold the auction up for 10 minutes so potential buyers can call cell phones of representatives, auctioneers, etc.
  6. We will be listing folks to be on cell phone for bidding, plus either auctioneer or representatives can carry bids, for anyone unable to attend-but wishing to bid other than on the internet.
  7. Sandwiches( prepared by a restaurant) will be individually wrapped and available all day Friday and Saturday, along with water and soda
  8. Seating will be on chairs, spread out, no bleachers. Open air movement with all doors will be open, potentially for outside seating also.
  9. Bulls can be viewed at the growing lot until April 8.

10) Bulls and females will be moved to sale facility and available for viewing Thursday, April 9 after 2 PM
11) Please call for further information. Gene Barrett and Galen will go through the bulls individually with     
you, if you want. Please call a few days before so we have plenty of time to discuss the offering.
want. Bulls and females are all on our video at or
12) We are taking extra measures for any of your concerns or those of your family.
13) Thank you for your interest.

14) Please check our web site for any updated information.

Barrett bulls and females can be viewed at Barrett Cattle, Grantville, KS, until Thursday April 9 when they are hauled to the Fink Sale Facility. Please call Gene at 785-224-8509 to make arrangements.






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