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1 cow—1977… 700 bulls—2013

Welcome to Fink Beef Genetics. We appreciate the time you are taking to review our cattle program involving two breeds, Angus and Charolais. One cow, $4,000, no owned land, and two jobs was the start of Fink Beef Genetics in 1977. Innovation, nontraditional, unique, and outside-the-box thinking has forged us on for over 40 years. In 2016, we marketed approximately 700 bulls. A 99.9% artificially inseminated herd for over 40 years, one of the largest embryo transplant programs in the United States, and a networking of all segments of the cattle industry, plus old-fashioned cow sense has driven this family-owned operation since 1977. We have never waited for things to happen. If we see a need, we do it only if we feel it is in the best interest of our customers. Fads are not part of our program… long-term results are. When you call Fink Beef Genetics, you will talk to one of us.

Spring 2021 Production Sale
Saturday, April 10, 2021

Offering 7 young angus fall bred females for sale
* Posted 1/27/2021
7309 19106372 Bred 11/10/20 to Musgrave Exclusive
7336 19128400 Bred 11/20/20 to Sitz Rainmaker 11127
7324 19128268 Bred 11/7/20 to Sitz Rainmaker 11127
7353 19127336 Bred 11/18/20 to SAV Resource 1441
892 19307840 Bred 12/27/20 to Barrett Overdrive
8256 19490953 Bred 11/29/20 to Basin Payweight 1682
8216 19490958

Bred 11/10/20 to N Bar Emulation EXT

Four of these females were used to make embryos to go to the Philippines this past fall.
For Sale as a group- will be preg checked during February, 2021.   $2700 each
We are offering these for sale at this time due to pasture space for summer.
Call Galen at 785-532-9936

Also the following Angus females are for sale:

*10 head (all) spring 2020 born heifers- open
*25-30 bred heifers (entire group) born fall 2019
*40-50 head of bred females, all 2017,2018 born bred females bred for fall calves
*5-8 head of 2015 born donors- bred back for fall
*We are selling females due to pasture space.
*All females are bred AI
*Potential for resulting bull calves meeting requirements to be eligible for joint
merchandising with Finks.

Important Update concerning the 2021 Fink Beef Genetics Fall Bull Sale!

We have changed our October Fall Bull Sale date!

New Fall Sale Date: Saturday, October 16, 2021



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