Angus Program

Since 1977

Less surprises-fewer mistakes has been our goal since 1977. No outside money, building strong cow families slowly over time, being very critical on fertility, type, udders, feet, disposition and other traits that are unmeasured have made the Fink female sought after industry wide for 30 years.

We have always incorporated EPDs into our selection, not necessarily selecting for extremes, but using EPDs as a tool. Cattle producers, registered and commercial, can go backwards easily by chasing fads and causing costs in other areas. We try to use BALANCED EPDs, slowly building proven on proven genetics. Seedstock breeders sometime chase extremes, whether frame, muscle, EPDs etc. We always keep the commercial cowman in mind and stay in the middle of the road.

Our customers enjoy excellent carcass quality also. Stacking several generations of solid carcass, not necessarily the highest marbling, ribeye, or fat, but "solid" on top of "solid" has produced cattle that consistently harvest 95-100% choice, 30%-70% ( or plus) CAB. The most important part of carcass is that the cow still retains fertility, good structure, good feet, and a type of cow that can live on grass and not create more cost than profit. We try to keep all parts of the puzzle in place.

We have been total AI since 1977 except for the 2012-2013 drought when pasture necessitated the need to use a bull. We have tried (not always possible) to use bulls that have 80-100 daughters on production records before we use them. This allows us to check udders, feet, type, fertility, structure etc. EPDs are great, but they are a tool and still don't tell the whole story. Several daughters gives us a chance to evaluate. That's proven to us.

Pedigrees are very important to us also. We will run 4-5 generation (or more) pedigrees before using a bull. We like to know what our cowherd is built upon. Past generations do make a difference! 

Profit is our goal for our customers, both seedstock and commercial. Our Angus genetics have sold across the United States, Mexico, and Australia.

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